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Human Sexuality

Regardless of your upbringing, culture, heritage, or fate, human sexuality plays an important role in our lives.

True False

Human Sexuality is about more than just physical sexual responses.

True False

In order to understand human sexuality, it is essential to understand:

Speed Dating Basic Anatomy Physiology Both B and C

Sexual relationships and human sexuality differ depending on geography.

True False

The contributing factors to the "sexual revolution" in the 1960's are:

Access to condoms, the 'pill' and other means of contraception. Greater independence and freedom for women. The influence of entertainment, movies, television and books Cheaper and readily available methods of transportation All of the above

The study of human sexuality from a biological perspective involves:

The study of hormones produced by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus The study of hormones produced by the ovaries, testes and adrenal cortex Research into both male and female hormones All of the above

Sexual development begins from:

Teenage years Birth Early 20's None of the above

Erik Erikson believed that social environments shaped individuals.

True False

According to Erikson's Psychosocial Theory, children typically develop self-assurance and confidence in themselves and learn how to socialize in outside environments at the age of:

1 to 3 years 3 to 6 years 6 to 12 years 12 to 20 years

Patterns of behavior that are learned by imitation are defined as:

Sexual development Psychology of aging Observational learning None of the above

Sexual identity is defined as:

An individual's perception of his or her sexuality, orientation, and sexual preferences. A process of acquiring sexual meaning. An individual's interpretation regarding sexual experiences and cultural norms. All of these

The driving factor behind most adult’s sexual development is:

The seeking of intimacy Companionship Long-term relationships All of these

In lasting relationships intimacy and trust are not important.

True False

Sexuality involves, to varying degrees, concepts of:

Intimacy Identity Behavior All of the above.

According to Canadian sociologist named John Allen Lee, individuals focus on the initial excitement and typically move from one relationship to another in:

Ludus Love Storge Love Agape Love

Agape love is:

Concept of giving or offering without expectation or receiving something in return. Self-sacrificing and altruistic One-sided, and is also non-demanding and patient. All of the these

According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, love involves several values or considerations that include:

Intimacy Commitment Passion All of the above

An integral component of any relationship, and the driving force of the three components listed by Sternberg is:

Emotion Communication Sex

In distress-maintaining attributions the partner:

Assumes that the negative reaction or behavior is due to outside or external influences. Focus on the positive aspects of the relationship Assumes that the negative behavior is due or caused by the individual, and suspicion and frustration often rule

Focusing on feelings is one of the best things any individual can do when entering a relationship.

True False

A term that defines a person's romantic or sexual attraction towards a particular gender is referred to as:

Popularity Gender Identity Sexual Orientation Sexual Tendency

An individual who experiences romantic or sexual feelings for someone of the opposite sex is defined as:

Heterosexual Bisexual Homosexual None of the above

Kinsey's scale of sexual behavior rates number 0 for the behavior:

Equally homosexual and heterosexual Exclusively homosexual with no heterosexual Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual Predominantly homosexual

The beliefs that hormones and genetics play a large role in the sexual orientation of any given individual are found in:

Cognitive theories Social Darwinism Biological theories

Gender identity begins around the age of :

4 12 20 None of these

Men and women may dress and behave as members of the opposite sex, which is called :

Bisexual Transgender or transsexual behavior Homosexual

Among female infants, the damage to one of the pair of X-chromosomes during fetal development results:

Klinefelter syndrome Androgyny Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome produces problems such as:

Kidney damage, heart abnormalities Osteoporosis Arrested or absent sexual development All of these

An extremely rare hormonal disorder that results in genetically male babies who possess female genitals is known as:

Transgender Androgyny Hemophilia

According to psychologist Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love ,the greatest emotional aspect of love is:

Intimacy Commitment Passion All of the above

Consummate love equals:

Intimacy, commitment and passion joined together Intimacy plus commitment Passion plus commitment Intimacy plus passion

Important factors in engaging in potentially romantic relationships are:

Reciprocity Similarity Proximity All of these

Any type of violence within the relationship that involves two people as family, whether or not those people live in a dorm room, an apartment or a home is considered:

Spousal Abuse Domestic Violence Child Abuse None of the above

Domestic violence is not limited to married couples, but occurs:

In all kinds of relationships Only when dating Within the first year of a relationship Between friends

Relationship abuse is often categories into different types, such as:

Verbal Emotional Physical Psychological All of the above

A cycle of violence is defined as a repetitive pattern of stages that includes:

The honeymoon phase and the tension building phase The explosion of violence and A return to the honeymoon stage Both a and b

In the honeymoon phase of intimate relationships:

The relationships start off exciting and full of hope and happiness. Situations and events arise that cause tension between partners. Both a and b

Sexual assault is commonly known as:

Rape Acquaintance rape Statutory rape All of these

Any individual with a history of sexual abuse may experience:

Psychological problems and self-destructive behavior Sexual maladjustments Eating disorders and substance abuse. All of these

Sexual arousal often associated with inanimate objects is known as:

Paraphilia Fetishism Exhibitionism

According to Christine E. Gudorf, another person's touch on our skin normally releases chemical compounds called :

Endorphins Androgyny Pedophilia

The Common factors in the development of sexual dysfunctions are:

Fear of infertility Pregnancy Sexually transmitted disease All of these

A sexual pain disorder caused by pain in the genital areas and experienced by both men and women is known as:

Desire disorder Dyspareunia Arousal disorder None of these

The most common types of sexual disorders are:

Desire disorders Sexual pain disorders Arousal disorders All of these

The recurrent and/or persistent absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity is known as:

Female Sexual Desire Disorder Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Sexual Aversion Disorder Male Orgasmic Disorder

The term which describes excessive sexual desire is:

Dyspareunia Nymphomania Paraphilia

The use of drugs that cause sexual dysfunction are:

Amphetamines Anal nitrates Barbiturates All of these

A sexual dysfunction or problem that has been present in the person's sexual life throughout their life is termed as:

Primary sexual dysfunction Secondary sexual dysfunction None of these

One of the most popular and well-known oral medications for erectile disorder is :

Ecstasy Amphetamines Viagra

Viagra functions by decreasing blood outflow that results in prolonged erections, but may cause cardiovascular issues.

True False

Sensate focus is:

A term which describes excessive sexual desire A type of sexual dysfunction One common sex therapy technique

When one employee makes continuous, unwelcome sexual advances, requests sexual favors or uses verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature to another employee against their wishes, this is defined as:

Being inappropriate Emotional Abuse Assault Sexual harassment

Playing music, movies or games that have a sexual nature within the office is not considered as a sexual harassment.

True False

Sex is used to sell which of the following products:

Clothing Shoes Cars All of these