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Pain Management

From the reading, all were effective ways or approaches listed to help with chronic pain EXCEPT:

hypnosis nutrition yoga acupuncture

True or False: Natural products are always safe with no side effects.

true false

Pain is considered to be "chronic" in what time frame?

3 to 6 months 4 to 7 weeks 1 year 6 plus months

From the reading, what group of people are more susceptible to chronic pain?

mothers professional athletes military veterans construction workers

According to the reading, what is the estimated cost of chronic pain in the United States for both treatment and lost productivity?

$53 Billion $635 Billion $847 Billion $252 Million

A problem (pain) in the nervous system is called ______?

neuroritis neuropathic neurosticle neurogenic

According to the reading, pain can affect the _____ and ______ of life?

joy and pleasure focus and longevity prosperity and meaning productivity and quality

Fill in the blank from the reading, "Studies have shown that _____ can reduce self-reported pain and depression symptoms in people with chronic pain."

mindfulness meditation acupuncture music hypnosis

The herb with the strongest evidence of reducing low-back pain would be?

comfrey devil’s claw white willow bark cayenne

A treatment involving repeated injections of irritant solutions is known as?

chemotherapy nilgetherapy prolotherapy olorigotherapy

There is evidence that _____ has short-term benefits in relieving knee pain caused by osteoarthritis but not relieving hip pain.

acupuncture yoga mindfulness meditation tai chi

An approach in which a person does exercises on a vibrating platform is known as?

electromagnetic therapy pulse therapy shock therapy whole-body vibration

Fill in the blank from the reading, "Although _____ are widely marketed for pain control, the evidence does not support their use."

reiki static magnets kratom cannabis

As the initial treatment for chronic low-back pain, American College of Physicians encourages the use of what technique?

beta-linolenic docosahexaenoic eicosapentaenoic nonpharmacologic

A common but dangerous treatment for pain is known as?

cannabinoids opioids hallucinogens static magnets

_____ is one of the world’s most dangerous opioids and is never used as a medicine in the United States.

inhalants amphetamine heroin cocaine

Opioid misuse can cause slowed breathing, which can cause ____, a condition that results when too little oxygen reaches the brain.

hypoxia vitiligo pemphigus euphoria

Drug ______ occurs with repeated use, causing the neurons to adapt so they only function normally in the presence of the drug.

addiction tolerance dependence nostalgia

_____ is a condition where patients have a hypersensitivity to pain caused by pain medications.

hyperlipidemia hyperaesthesia hyperkeratosis hyperalgesia

A ______ approach to pain management consists of using treatments from one or more clinical disciplines incorporated into an overall treatment plan.

multidisciplinary multispectral multimodal multitudinously

What medicine can treat an opioid overdose when given right away?

avinza percodan barbiturate naloxone

____ has sometimes been discouraged in pain management because of fears of deconditioning and muscle atrophy.

therapeutic ultrasound cold and heat traction bracing

_______ is a broad concept and generally includes a sense of connection to something bigger than the individual.

meditation tai chi spirituality yoga

There is a significant need for improved public education on and understanding of the distinction between _____ and ______ pain.

mental and physical acute and chronic external and internal bone and muscle

A major problematic unintended consequence of the guideline can be all of the following, EXCEPT:

forced tapering negligence abandonment medication discontinuation