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Aging and Long Term Care ( 3 Hours)
1) Biological concerns for the Elderly include:
The loss of teeth The loss of hearing Memory impairment Chronic Disease All of the above
2) Early signs of Alzheimer's disease include:
a. Difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings b. Increased energy c. A new desire to try new things d. Poor recall of recent events Both a and d
3) According to Holmes and Rahe the most stressful event in a person's life is:
The death of a child Having a terminal disease The death of a spouse Pain
4) What percentage of older adults suffer from Major Depression?
1-2% 5-6% 10-11% 50%
5) Symptoms of Major Depression include:
a. Mostly depressed mood for over 2 weeks b. A hope for the future c. Loss of interest in usual activities d. Recurrent thgouths of death and suicide Answers a, c and d
6) White elderly men are five times more likely to commit suicide than the general population:
True False
7) According to estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau the population of those 65 and above in the year 2030 will be:
30 million 71.5 million 100.5 million 65 million
8) What percentage of older people live in poverty?
5% 10% 15% 25%
9) The majority of people 65 and older enjoy regular physical leisure activities:
True False
10) Which of the following is a true statement?
The percentage of older working men has increased while the percentage of older working women has decreased since 1961 The percentage of older working women has increased while the percentage of older working men has decreased since 1961
11) Because of the clear need, long-term care decisions are easy to make:
True False
12) Alternatives for Long-Term care include:
Moving in with family members Hiring professional caregivers Skilled nursing facilities All of the above

Individuals with hypertension, African-American, and middle-aged and older adults can consume no more than _____  of sodium per day,

2,300 mg (approximately 1 tsp of salt) 1,500 mg 2 tsp None of these

Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed by: 

Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant Lactating women Adolescents All of these

A progressive brain disease that gradually destroys a person's memory, ability to learn and make judgments is:

Chronic lower respiratory diseases Cerebrovascular diseases Alzheimers None of these

The ability to hear impacts speaking and equilibrium,True/False?

True False

The number one cause of death among the elderly is:

Heart disease Diabetes Cerebrovascular diseases None of these

Physical exercise is vital for:

Physical health Mental health Emotional health All of these

A critical source of care to older persons with disabilities and chronic health problems are:

Family caregivers Friends Therapist None of these

Comfort-focused (palliative) care provided by coordinated teams of professionals that include nurses, home health or certified nursing aides, social workers or counselors, chaplains, physicians, and trained volunteers is:

Assisted-living facilities Health Maintenance Organizations Hospice None of these