The Culture of Generational Poverty

Which of the following statements do NOT apply to the definition and nature of "culture"?

Cultural change is brought about primarily by outside influences consisting of forces of man and nature. People are acutely aware of their own cultural norms at all times. Culture is thought necessary to a people's survival in the context of their environment. Culture refers to the total system of values, beliefs, attitudes, traditions, and standards of behavior that regulate life within a particular group of people.

When discussing class in America, which of the following statements is true?

Anyone can achieve economic success in America through working hard and persevering. Americans are candid about discussing classism and comfortable with the topic. In the past three decades America has become a vastly more unequal society. Internalized oppression is not caused by class constraints but can be attributed to self-pity.

Transcending class is...

Easy. A process wrought with barriers. No reason to learn to change how you have always done things. A purely economic matter.

Statistics show that...

There were 37 million people in poverty (12.6 percent) in 2005. The poverty rate in 2005 for children under 18 (17.6 percent) remained higher than that of 18-to-64-year olds (11.1 percent). Poverty rates remained statistically unchanged for blacks (24.9 percent) and Hispanics (21.8 percent). The poverty rate decreased for non-Hispanic whites (8.3 percent in 2005, down from 8.7 percent in 2004). All of the above

Which of the following statements about impoverished children with learning disabilities is false?

Poor children with learning disabilities are usually diagnosed early and enrolled in LD classes before third grade. Parents in poverty class may not recognize that they have a responsibility to advocate for their children to get them enrolled in an LD program. The 'No Child Left Behind Act' holds special education students to the same high standards as regular education students, meaning that by the year 2014, learning-disabled children must perform proficiently or above on all state tests. It is common for an adult who applies for welfare and lacks a diploma to undergo academic testing prior to enrollment in GED classes.

Which statement is true? Impoverished seniors are often...

given priority for entrance into extended care facilities because their stay is paid for with Medicaid. taken care of at home where they are safe from victimization. especially vulnerable to exploitation and neglect. none of the above

It is difficult for the generationally impoverished to climb out of poverty because they have few mentors, sponsors, and role models to help them gain entrance into the middle class; they are exploited by select middle class vendors; and ___________.

they are distracted by social media they do not put forth enough effort they are not privileged to the hidden rules of the middle class they lack the intelligence to move ahead

The model entitled The Ladder of Inference shows that people tend to select the data present in their environment that they wish to attend to; that personal experience and acculturation are used to add meaning to what is happening in a person's environment; and that _________________________.

people root for sports team based on where they live people make inferences based on what they watch on television if a person draws the same conclusion repeatedly, the conclusion becomes integrated in their belief system the culture of a population is based on racial inferences

Which statement is true? The hidden rules of the middle class are...

Accessible to anyone who wishes to learn them. Shared openly with those outside the middle class. A set of sensibilities needed to attain and sustain a middle class lifestyle. Hidden from children in the middle class until after they reach adulthood.

Which statement is true? Poverty culture...

Provides an environment of privacy and safety. Is a place where positive reinforcement is seldom heard. Is based on a patriarchal structure. Filled with abstract ideas and future plans.

Which statement is true? The unemployed who live in poverty generally...

Don't work at all. Refuse to barter to get their needs met. Never give up hope of finding a job in mainstream America. Work in a number of 'quasi-legal' jobs to support themselves and their families.

Which statement is false? Poverty impacts....

Women and children in greater numbers than men. Minorities in greater numbers than native born white people. Poor families by leaving them with nothing to feel proud about. The generationally impoverished more so than the poor who were acculturated in the middle class.

Perceptions of inequality contribute to high crime rates in impoverished neighborhoods; a direct correlation between increased unemployment and increased crime; and _____________.

increased enuresis high divorce rates and single parent homes fear of recurrent abuse poor work performance

High rates of drug abuse in impoverished neighborhoods leads to ...

increased church attendance. a plethora of conveniently located drug treatment facilities. increased attention to safety with quick police response and an abundance of neighborhood watch committees and security systems. increased crime rates.

Which statement is true? Those who re-enter society after being in prison...

Find a job quickly. Are usually transitioned back into society with lots of support from the correctional system and the community. Usually entered the correctional system for the first time as juveniles. Usually influence their children to lead crime free lives.

Which of the following statements is NOT a goal identified by the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996?

To reduce welfare dependence and increase employment. To provide health insurance to all families living in poverty. To reduce child poverty. To reduce illegitimacy and strengthen marriage.

Which statement is false? Transitional Jobs is a program designed to ...

Combine meaningful work experience with valuable life and job-skills training. Provide intensive case management, and job retention services in order to help participants successfully enter and compete in the workforce. Encourage participants to get a bachelors degree at a top college. Target current and former TANF recipients, ex-offenders, and other individuals with significant barriers to employment.

Which statement is true? Self-sufficiency is encouraged among the poor by...

Paying their utility bills. Giving them free or low-cost housing. Requiring them to invest 'sweat equity' in building their own home and homes for other impoverished families. None of the above.

Educating the poor with the survival skills needed to succeed in the middle class could help prevent them from losing jobs; is sometimes embarrassing or awkward for professional helpers; and ________________.

requires rigid training and reinforcement is not required with females may be met with resistance from the impoverished should only be used as a last resort

Which statement is false? The Pallet of Inquiry and Advocacy advises that when interviewing people in need, one need to refrain from...

Interrogating the person who is being interviewed. Explaining the rules and protocols that govern the assistance that they need. Withdrawing and mentally checking out to avoid caring too much about the person or their situation. Politicking and discounting what the person in need has to say.

When teaching a generationally impoverished person the hidden rules of the middle class, one needs to use inquiry mode to open the conversation; explain that a person is expected to conform to certain norms in the mainstream culture; and ____________.

be harsh and repetitive so they remember provide firm, kind direction remind them of their bad manners use songs to encourage retention

Which statement is false? Capitalizing on the strengths present in poverty culture can...

Help people find jobs that they enjoy and are well suited to perform. Reinforce bad habits that are better eradicated. Help motivate positive responses to incremental changes. Allow people to use skills developed in poverty to successfully navigate the transition to middle class.

Things that generationally impoverished people may need to change to be successful in mainstream culture include learning to be on time and conforming to 'clock time' that is the time measurement adhered to in the middle class; become better organized; and _______________.

change the way they dance at social gatherings see discipline and/or punishment as an impetus for changing their behavior start interfering in co-workers relationships start stopping by Starbucks for coffee every morning

Which statement is not applicable to the content matter? Transferable Skills are sets of skills that can be...

identified and used to help a person find and keep a job. transferred from one environment or occupation to another. involved in transferring merchandise from one truck to another. used to help a person find a job that they have both an aptitude for and an interest in.

Which statement is true?

Money alone can solve poverty. All people who live in poverty want to move into the middle class. With support, encouragement, and a strong will to succeed, people can move out of poverty. All people who live in poverty appreciate the help they are given.

_____ involves making a judgment or assumption about a person or his/her behavior not on the basis of knowing that person, but based upon generalized observations or beliefs about the group to which this person belongs.

Stereotyping Prototyping Cultural competence

Which statement is TRUE about Cultural competence :

Recognizing, understanding, and valuing cultural differences and the commonalities that underlie these differences. Cultural competence prohibits condemnation Both a and b None of these

A highly valued success strategy in all three classes is:

Acquire new skill sets Making connections with powerful people To have at least two residences that are staffed and maintained All of these

The weight of the entire system rests on the:

Poverty class Middle Class Wealth class

Resources lacking in Poverty Culture include support systems, legal resources, relationships/role models and _________.

access to social gatherings access to social media knowledge of hidden rules entertainment

The middle class is:

Survival oriented Rights oriented Responsibilities oriented All of these

Which statement is not true about Poverty class:

The poor think only about the present life The poor are responsibilities oriented Their past is not usually filled with happy memories They seldom put back anything to save for tomorrow

_________ “self-made” millionaires in America became so without backing from those who were already wealthy.

All Not all 90 percent of 75 percent of

Poverty culture is:

A barter culture A culture of entitlement Both a and b None of these

When people in middle class work, they earn rest and play, as compensation for effort. True/False?

True False

Some options that exist for disposing of the remains of a departed who lived in poverty include cremation, gambling parties to raise the needed funds and ___________________.

donating the body to science burying the body on their own applying for Pell grants to pay for the burial pleading with the mortuary

The highest crime rates in any city or town occurs in the :

Most impoverished areas of the community Wealthy are Neighborhood Casinos None of these

The Poor rob the Poor because of lack of resources and planning strategies; perceived inequity can occur even between those who have little; and ________________.

the poor are not very intelligent less 'time' is involved if/when they get caught crimes of opportunity occur on the spur of the moment the rich have better lawyers

The lack of some fixed level of material goods necessary for survival and minimal well-being is:

Inequality Deprivation Poverty

A mentoring program for children of prisoners in Philadelphia is:

Community Action agencies AMACHI The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation none of these

Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) funds workforce development activities provided in local communities that can benefit job seekers and laid off workers; youth, veterans and persons with disabilities; and _________.

clergy politicians employers pharmaceutical corporations

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) builds homes in both impoverished and lower middle class neighborhoods throughout the country; seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world; invites people of all backgrounds, races, and religions to build houses together; and __________.

is a for-profit, non-religious organization is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry is a government run charitable agency is a for-profit agency that uses its proceeds for good

Habitat is ____  a giveaway program.

not definitely sometimes most likely

Stephen Covey’s SMART goals are:


Specific guidelines about the management of dangerous individuals include:

Maintain an attitude of confidence Do not raise your voice, argue, lecture, confront, accuse, or give advice Do not move into the individual's space If the individual is angry because of a your mistake,admit your error and apologize All of the above